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About Rabbit ColLege Club

Rabbit College Club is an NFT collection of 10,000 rabbits that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Rabbit costs 0.02 ETH. They have more than 163 distinctive features.

Each rabbit is also your ticket to College Club, a social platform for members. Ownership includes your rabbit's creative and commercial rights.

*Royalty - 2.5%. We will donate the entire amount raised from the first month of secondary sales on OpenSea to charity in support of the idea of no animal testing.


20% Sold

10 additional rabbits will be raffled among community members in discord

40% Sold

10 original rabbit toys will be sent to random owners

60% Sold

The unique RCC Merch Store will be launched, featuring limited edition T-shirts, caps and other accessories

80% Sold

Rabbit College liquidity pool will be launched

100% Sold

Augmented reality mobile app will be launched

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